Conquering Challenges in 2012 - and last chance to give this year!

 Dear Friends,

I am so excited about the New Year -  I can't wait! 

2012 has been a tough one, with challenges to our work and to our spirits. We lost one of our closest friends and a real champion for Haiti when Elise left us in February. In August, the first of several storms destroyed crops and ripped the roof of our office and training center in Cyvadier. Not long after, Hurricane Sandy brought more destruction to the Jacmel region, and drenched tens of thousands of families still living in makeshift shelter in Port-au-Prince's tent camps.

Despite all these struggles, we will still remember 2012 as a year of success for Let Haiti Live. Thank you for being one of the people who made it happen! Today is the last day for you to make a donation to Let Haiti Live and have it count in 2012, so please don't wait! 

Before the year ends, let me share with you some of the things we accomplished with your help in 2012:

In Cyvadier, southeastern Jacmel, our Youth in Action for Development and the Protection of the Environment, or JADPE, spent almost every Saturday morning nurturing seedlings of fruit trees, vegetables and the moringa miracle tree. Our team - Cheler, Guerlyne and Elie - offered a variety of training workshops to the youth including farming and composting techniques, health and hygiene, history and culture.

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Elevate Haiti trip - Ring in the New Year in a way you'll never forget!

How will you remember this year? Due to the urgent needs on the ground, Elevate Haiti is hosting a volunteer trip to work with Let Haiti Live at the end of the year!

Upcoming Trip: December 28, 2012 - January 5, 2013

The January 12, 2010 earthquake shook the already frail country of Haiti mercilessly. Over 200,000 deaths resulted as well as the displacement and destruction of thousands of families and lives. More than two years later, human resilience prevails as Haitians move to pick up the pieces, making a new life out of less than the little most people once had. The emergency stage is over, and now the long-term rebuilding begins. The future of Haitians, like for all of us, lies in their children. Ensuring they have the resources for education is one of the critical tenants of long-term rebuilding.

This journey takes you just outside of Jacmel, a beautiful seaside town with great initiatives in sustainable development. Stand by Haitians as they start anew. This journey is for those of you who are moved into solidarity and action by the events of January 12, 2010.


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Tropical Storm Isaac Destroys Gardens & Trees, Damages Let Haiti Live Headquarters

Last week Tropical Storm Isaac swept across Haiti, hammering the southeastern coast. Just as three storms had devastated the region in August 2008, Isaac arrived at the absolute worst moment for the farming families in Cyvadier, Jacmel, and other communities.

As plantain trees were heavy with nearly ripe plantains, and fruit trees were similarly weighed-down with the money making produce, Isaac’s heavy winds destroyed the impending harvest. Roofs were torn off homes and flooding and mudslides ruined personal items and left many people without a dry place to lay their heads down at night.

Let Haiti Live Director in Haiti, Guerlyne Jean Louis, gave us this report:

Tropical Storm Isaac had no mercy; it did as much damage as possible, making the population even more vulnerable. The damage to the Let Haiti Live office was the worst – the roofs of the main office and training room were blown off and the rooms have nothing to cover them now. At the tree nursery, branches fell on the small trees, and a part of the fence was destroyed when a large tree branch fell on it.

We visited the homes of our youth group members, observing destruction everywhere we turned. We recognize that the moment the hurricane arrived was very difficult; the parents were preparing for tuition payments at the beginning of the school year, which isn’t far off. Parents who work their gardens for livelihood depend on produce from their gardens and fruit trees to support 90% of their kids’ school fees and this is the time of year are just beginning to sell on the market.

In terms of local food production, the community will be facing hunger for some time now. People in the village were already in a precarious position to have enough food to eat even one healthy meal each day. Now that nearly every plantain tree has fallen, what remains are small trees that will take several months to provide fruit. But, we note that in this moment there is still a lot of life, the suffering can't stay for too long. If it hasn't finished yet it almost has.

You can see photos of the damage in this slideshow:



Fundraising Raffle - Enter Before February 27!

This coming February 17th we will all be celebrating Haiti's magnificent culture. Your donation can make this Carnival season just a little bit sweeter for many in need.

In the spirit of Haitian Carnival celebration, if you donate by the end of the week, Friday, February 17, you will be entered into a raffle to win the Haitian artisanal prizes, including the original Haitian painting shown below, Haitian metal work,  or a copy of the book "Let Haiti Live: Unjust U.S. Policies Against Its Oldest Neighbor". 

We need your participation to support and celebrate Haitians helping Haitians. Please show your support bymaking a donation today at!

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Video of the Reforest Haiti and JADPE Tree Nursery