About Reforest Haiti

Let Haiti Live’s Reforest Haiti program is focused on environmental renewal and protection as well as a growing network of collaboration. At the center of the program is a Cyvadier-based youth group that has been working to protect their natural environment for nearly ten years. The group, Jeunes en Action pour le Developpment et la Protection de l’Envirronement /JADPE or Youth in Action for Development and Protection of the Environment, is managing a tree nursery and a reforestation program to protect their watershed in the southeast department of Haiti, just outside Jacmel.

Vision: Trees are Life 

We envision a green Haiti, a land of renewed soil and protected water sources. Haitians will symbiotically exist with their environment, protecting their natural resources and meeting their own needs.

Through a massive public education campaign that utilizes strategies to reach the general population, community-based groups and secondary school students, we will change the way Haitians perceive their environment. Children and adults will come to understand the simple fact that trees are life. By planting trees and using basic strategies to make them more valuable, Haitians will increase food security, create more economic activity and renew their environment. The trees will make the soil more productive while mitigating the effects of severe weather. Alternatives to wood-based charcoal will make it easy to protect trees, and Haitians will begin planting trees to commemorate special occasions, meetings, loved ones, and more.

Haiti will no longer be known as the poorest country in the hemisphere, but rather as the first developing country to truly reverse an environmental crisis. Haitians will prove to the international community that they can make their own solutions. Instead of free-trade zones and assembly factories that pollute the earth and fail to meet the basic standards of human dignity, Haitians will fill their country with reforested mountains. The beauty that perseveres in the midst of this environmental and humanitarian crisis will become the centerpiece of Haiti’s new international reputation.