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"If they put me out of the camp I will put my tent in the middle of the street", Camp Gaston Margon

From Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye

Camp Village Gaston Magon in Mariani/Kafou has 850 families living under the threat of eviction since the month of November 2012

150 families have already been evicted from one part of the camp.

Audio 1: When the rain falls we have to climbed onto the beds because the water floods everything, the space where I make food is always the worst.

The camp hasn’t had toilets or water since the beginning of 2012

Audio 2: The landowner says he will come and everyone must leave the camp, because when he comes it will be with a tractor to destroy the camp

Question: Where will you go when the camp is destroyed?

Audio 3: If I had a place to go I would have gone there already because the situation here is so difficult.

Audio 4: We have been living in this camp for three years and two months since the earthquake. We have faced a lot of threats from the landowner because we are on private land. One time they came to destroy the camp and they ripped our tents, we rebuilt the tents again. I used to live in a first part of the camp and when they forced us to leave I came here. The landowner wants the land to build his business.

We stay here because we have nowhere to go. When it rains we have a lot of problems and in the night it’s as though we live under streetlights because our tarps are no good. If the government relocates us from the camps it would be a miracle.

Auido 5: If they put me out of the camp I will put my tent in the middle of the street because I have nowhere else to go. I don’t have my husband, I have six children and only God can help me. My children don’t work, they are school age, if they put me out they are throwing me into the street because the only option is to rent a house. My house was destroyed and I have no money to rent a house

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    Let Haiti Live - News and Analysis - "If they put me out of the camp I will put my tent in the middle of the street", Camp Gaston Margon
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