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Third Day of Protests by University Students Broken Up by Police and Tear Gas

Today the Haitian National Police clashed with university students for a third day. Students from Haiti’s State University Faculty of Law have been demonstrating in response to the death of twenty-four year old Damael d’Haiti who was a student in the law school (SeeFoxNews for more). Students say D’Haiti was slain by a bullet fired by a police officer on Saturday evening at a party but the police say their investigation is not yet conclusive. 

After breaking up their demonstration, CIMO riot police conducted a multi-hour confrontation against students they blocked inside the Faculte de Loi. Brutal amounts of tear gas were shot into the campus, sending several young people to the hospital. (See Haiti Press Network)

During protests Sunday, students erected barricades near their campus on the downtown park, the Champ de Mars. Dumpsters and burning tires blocked roads to keep Haitian National Police and CIMO riot police from approaching and dispersing their demonstration. 



On Monday, when demonstrators clashed with police again in the streets near the Champ de Mars on Avenue Christophe, tensions escalated. Police officers used live ammunition to disperse the crowd, while protestors were armed with nothing but rocks. 


Students burned tires to block the police from getting closer to their campus.


Police used live ammunition to try to disperse the protestors, despite the students being unarmed beyond rocks.


Shell casings left from bullets shot by police

 After their protest was broken up, they burned tires again to block the street


Students are demanding justice and answers around the killing of d’Haiti, but his death isn't the only reason they are in the streets. At this point there is an accumulation of frustration due to a series of systematic violence episodes at the State University, and within society as a whole. The students denounced the police who are protecting Clifford Brandt, recently arrested for his role in a massive kidnapping ring (See AP for more), because they have osberved that he was transferred to a new prison while many innoncent people and all detainees at the National Penitentiary are in critical conditions.

Today, the third day of protests, the demonstrators once again used burning tires to block the roads near the Champ de Mars.

Students began to panic and flee when the police shoot tear gas to break up the crowd.


Students throw rocks while chanting, “We’re not scared, we’re never scared!”


After the demonstration was broken up, the street was littered with rocks.



Police arrested two and encircled the campus of the Faculty of Law


Police officers outside the entrance to the campus


Students hold up some of the tear gas canisters shot over the wall from the police outside the State University Faculty of Law







High School Students were affected by tear gas when leaving their school not far from the standoff between police and university students


Students standing in the gate, facing off with riot police, chant about Clifford Brandt: "They protect Brandt/They shoot students"


When students from the University's Faculty of Ethnology, CIMO riot police shoot tear gas into their campus as well.


Several students taken to hospital because of tear gas







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    Let Haiti Live - News and Analysis - Third Day of Protests by University Students Broken Up by Police and Tear Gas
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    Let Haiti Live - News and Analysis - Third Day of Protests by University Students Broken Up by Police and Tear Gas
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    Let Haiti Live - News and Analysis - Third Day of Protests by University Students Broken Up by Police and Tear Gas

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