Let Haiti Live

Let Haiti Live is a comprehensive program for Haiti working to strengthen the independence and self-determination of the Haitian people in all areas of life.

Let Haiti Live mobilizes Haitians through popular education, alternative media, and food security projects; strengthens the capacity of existing organizations that share our philosophy of empowering Haitian leadership and vision; and supports Haitian-led solutions to some of the country’s most pressing issues, with a specific focus on environmental stewardship and rural development.

Let Haiti Live links a growing network of Haitian groups to an international advocacy movement and acts as both microphone and speaker, amplifying the voices of Haitians within and outside of Haiti and making information accessible to traditionally marginalized sectors of Haitian society.

The two pillars of the Let Haiti Live project are:

  1. Alternative media, popular education and community mobilization through the independent journalists and community organizers of Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye (Noise Travels, News Spreads),
  2. International advocacy and media campaigns to promote just treatment of Haiti and Haitians(including coordination of the Haiti Response Coalition), accountability of aid, and greater independence and self-determination for Haiti.

Let Haiti Live was founded on the belief that only Haitians can determine the solutions to the challenges the country faces today. The centuries’ old social apartheid that led to the ever-expanding gap between rich and poor was exacerbated by the earthquake on January 12, 2010 and the plight of Haiti’s most vulnerable has only continued to worsen. Let Haiti Live’s programs in Haiti are created and executed by teams of talented Haitians committed to improving the situation of the most marginalized members of their communities. American team members seek support, build relationships and lead advocacy and media efforts in the international arena.

In the midst of the cynical policies and underwhelming accomplishments of NGOs and the international humanitarian complex in Haiti today, Let Haiti Live is a unique and critical voice. No other organization is simultaneously working with Haitians to mobilize the most marginalized and vulnerable members of society to change their conditions of life while speaking truth to the highest levels of power in Haiti and the United States.

Let Haiti Live’s Founder and Director, Melinda Miles, travels between Port-au-Prince and Washington, DC on a monthly basis to amplify the voices of Haitians, provide leadership for advocacy, and influence journalists, members of Congress, opinion leaders and policy makers.

Director of Bri Kouri Nouvèl Gaye and on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Etant Dupain works tirelessly with a team of investigative journalists who double as community mobilizers, as well as a network of organizations and IDP camp committees, while publishing a monthly regular reports and organizing peaceful demonstrations.

Let Haiti Live was founded with a generous grant from Avaaz.